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I dislike Sand. It has its’ uses, sure. For those times, I find Sand quite agreeable. In it’s native form however, I find it rather annoying. Aggravating, like a droning sound you can’t actively hear yet is perceptible to the sleeping mind.

I recently spent days in Uldum, helping the Ramakhen and some intrepid adventurer solving Mysteries of the Ancients.

I spared Squire the agony of the journey and left him in.. uh..
..oh damn. I’ll have to go find Squire again. Now that I think about it.. I might have left him in Caer Darrow.

I’m still pouring sand out of my boots on occasion, the stuff got into everything no matter how hard I tried. And if the sand wasn’t bad enough, the shifting wind did it’s best to blow me off course more than once.

I’m saving choice words for the Bastion of Four Winds when I find my way there. Choice words indeed.

Now i’m off to find Squire.