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Saints Row 2

Why didn’t I play this game earlier? What was I thinking?

Someone in my house recently bought SR2 over the weekend and damn.  I enjoyed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas but I didn’t feel compelled to buy the sequel, GTA IV.  So when it came down to playing a few minutes of Saints Row 2, I was hooked.  Something about it’s open-world “do as you please” design caught my attention.

Saints Row 2 holds your hand for all of ten minutes to get you out of prison where you were in a Coma for years before ‘waking up’.  From here, you’re left with a loose suggestion on what to do next.  But it rewards you for progress.  Do the first mission and rescue your comrade-in-arms and you’ll be rewarded with a Crib where you can stockpile clothes, weapons and cars.  Do the second mission, you have a hangout where your gang lives – homie’s you can recruit to follow you around and provide additional firepower.

Should you feel more mayhem inclined there are many mission points scattered around the map you can visit for objectives like smearing the police or causing massive property damage.  I spent 20 minutes last night standing in an intersection shooting rockets at passing cars all in pursuit of an elusive $500k property damage value.  As if that wasn’t enough you’re also left the option of the Classics: Armed Robbery, Mugging and Carjacking.

Senseless violence and a loose plot makes this a keeper in my library and I eagerly await Saints Row the Third so I can continue the fun.