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Guild Wars

I’m pre-ordering the much anticipated Guild Wars 2 in the next month or two.

Everything I’ve seen I like.  From not having to hone my mastery of the Sharpened Stick to a general lack of gear-based progression.

I’m fond of Guild Wars (the first), as I am most games with a unique class system.  In a nutshell, you got a primary class with a function or power that was on all the time.  For a elementally based caster, it was an increased mana pool from which to draw.  This, plus the 3 or 4 other skill paths gives you room for diversification based on your needs or wants from the common toad.  Now, you also got a second class.  In this choice you received access to skills and powers but not the primary identifying special skill of the primary class.

Case in point, mixing Elementalist with Mesmer.  Ranged blasting with debuff and debilitating effects.  Depending on how you twist that it’s either a deep pocket of mana to shell your opponents with maddening slowness and meteor swarms – or – reduced cooldown on your various skills.

There’s an intriguing build in one of the wiki’s devoted to the game on how to lay your points to maximize your ability to drop Meteor’s upon your opponent rapidly.  And the general inspiration for my Mesmer/Elementalist character.

– Guild Wars 2 –

We’re dropping the second class choices, dropping the perpetual gear grind and keeping a host of delightful other options.

I’m pleased as punch they kept Mesmer.  I like how the button bar is setup, use a sword? A line of sword abilities.  Ooh, what’s that, a Mace you say? Well then <puts on Mace> oh snap, the buttons for my sword changed to Mace Powers.

I haven’t played the beta or any special pre-release.  But I’ve watched a few videos, I’ve read the site about sixteen times front to back.  I’m hyped.  But I can’t say much that isn’t already on the site.  I encourage you to check it out.