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Mid-Summer Distractions

I played three games this weekend that will later likely receive their own discussion.  Each is awesome for it’s own reasons.

Hero Academy

An amusing turn based strategy game where your team of dudes trash the other guys’ team of dudes.  It’s Multiplayer only with challenges in place to hone your skills and amuse you between turns.  A game doesn’t take a lot of time overall, but you can spend minutes with an individual turn just trying to decide how best to beat the snot out of your opponent’s healer.  Undo/Redo buttons in games is an insane addition to the “I can do that better” pursuit.

It’s only 10 bucks via Steam for us PC users or if you’re IOS enabled, I highly recommend you pick it up via your phone/tablet first (the character packs are cheaper).


One look from across the room hooked me.  I love brightly lit games that don’t try to fool you with fancy sprites.  Thusly, I loved Geometry Wars and still do.  Symphony takes a similar approach with wireframed enemies flooding into your vertical scrolling battlefield.  Oh right.. the battlefield is your music.  Each level a song from your music collection you select.  Each level completed rewards you with a random upgrade you can unlock and upgrade via points you earn.

Like a weird combination of Gradius, Geometry Wars and Windows Media Player.  It has varying difficulty levels and of course some songs are harder based on tempo and where/when enemies come in to attack you.  I thought Dragonforce would be hard, but Rush’s 2112 was particularly abusive with it’s changing tempo.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t support songs over 10 minutes in length.  A rude discovery to be sure, I was enjoying it so much I started to envision practicing on my self-described Endurance Level with a select 45 minute track of Going Quantum’s Dubstep mix.


Also 10 bucks and totally worth it.

EVE Online

I continued and continue to play EVE.  Not being one of those games you eventually ‘beat’, I pursue stronger economic footing and that right mix of people that makes playing consistently personally rewarding.

I left Etoilles Mortant LTD, a corp I’d been with for nearly a year after LMCG and I parted ways.  EML brought some interesting game services to my attention.  Namely, a ‘can system’ with connected API where you could check a website and see what you’d deposited and it’s relative value and what the corp noted as your owed amount.  A number of other services were available from the page I visited.  Services I think are incredibly handy and every corp should have.

I’m off to Lost Dawn Chaos, a multi-wing Corp with it’s foot in Mining, Missions and a host of other activities.  I’m liking them so far, the only thing I could ask for more is a corp with a stronger PST population.

I’m realizing potentials now that I wish could have been expressed to me a year ago, or two years ago.. Oh what hindsight will tell you at every turn.