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There’s been a trend of unfairly assessing movies recently based on their predecessor.  This isn’t just unfair, it’s downright unkind.

I recently watched Dredd, not willing to give in to the negative hype.  I will freely and openly admit I enjoyed the movie.

I’ve been and will continue to tell people that it’s very visual.  Video technology is one of those developments that mandates demonstration pieces.  If it weren’t for the violent nature of the movie, I would be recommending this to anyone with an HD television and blu-ray.  I half attempted to read a book I was studying for a later-that-night game I was running with some friends.  It was very apparent early on that this would take all my eyes and attention right from the intro credits where i’m made to watch a spray of water sparkling in the light.. slowly.  Wow.

I can’t objectively speak to the violence in the movie.  As a product of the 80’s, if it isn’t open-heart surgery on the Medical Channel, i’m not phased by it.  I don’t find the movie that horrible as I’ve seen many worse though there are some parts that might bother you if you find yourself bothered by blood, gore or the sickening splat sound of a falling body.