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More ESO

Episode 2 of Leprekawn plays ESO went up the other day.  Last week I think, I can’t keep track of these things.  I digress. [embedyt][/embedyt]

I’m finding enough momentum and entertainment to keep my wheels spinning for at least another week or two.  You’ll see about one video a week as I document some moments in the game.  Nothing special as I’m not recording everything and some things I encounter I think “Gee, this would look great on camera.” but alas, no camera is present.

I’ve come to realize one of the things I like about ESO is the pacing.  World of Warcraft sorta makes you feel like Batman.  You have a utility belt with so many powers you have to really know your class to use them all effectively.  Here in Elder Scrolls Online it’s more about knowing how the game is played, knowing how fast you can put off attacks.  When I swing my swords I really feel like those swords have weight.  The draw of the bow is closer to reality making my arrows feel significant.