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Below Infinite Space, a naming mashup I hath crafted

Here’s a shocker, two posts in the same week. It’s like i’m trending with updates!

Capy has a new game coming down the pipe. Similar in graphical grain to Super Brothers: Swords and Sworcery (the misspell is intentional).  Below looks to follow a similar style line and provide a longer adventure experience.  I’m only guessing, i haven’t looked at it beyond a 30 second video.

If you’re familiar with the Rogue-Like genre of “play game, die in game, restart game” themes there’s a new one coming called Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars.  Some sampling of Infinite Space (the first) suggests I might put this one under my belt of side amusements whilst I struggle with committing to all the MMO’s that currently hound me for attention.

That’s it this time.  Thanks for reading.