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Open Minds

I try to keep an open mind on many topics. Games in particular as I understand much like Beer, there are occasions for the cheap pale ales and the hearty stouts. I’ll recommend mobile games though I don’t play them anymore, I’ll suggest MMO’s for people looking to fill time or the casual shooter or arena game for this with minutes to spare.

I often find myself struggling to find a reason to think a game worth playing.

Candy Crush Saga makes me angry for some unspoken reason. Destiny just annoys me.

Destiny mostly as I don’t feel they’re bringing anything new to the world. They’ve rehashed MMO reward structure into Call of Duty -style combat and poor weapon balance. In a game there shouldn’t ever be “Worst weapon in the game” or “Best weapon in the game”. You need balance in order to make things fair for people with varied interests.

But I try to keep an open mind. There are a lot of people playing both Candy Crush Saga and Destiny, surely they must have some redeeming quality.