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Crying Far

I felt a little empowered after Dying Light, when i made my first few steps into Far Cry 4. This was after a friend bemoaned not having anyone to play the Co-Op with. I frequently have these problems and in an effort to counter my own misfortune I agreed to join him. So it was last night when I stepped my first feet among the Himalayas and used my slightly used knife to kill a guard and take his gun.

These weren’t zombie’s and my weapons weren’t about to break. So I gutted him, took his gun and shot his mates.

Mind you, these were radical extremists under the leadership of a madman. Or so I’m told. I didn’t care, I just wanted a gun.

It’s a shooter as shooters go. Just a bit of RPG with crafting and exploration and loot to collect. The controls on vehicles feel a little squirrely but hey, they can’t all be Warthogs.

Gunplay is easy, the weapons sound good and generally feel like they have authentic stopping power. I find myself assaulting encampments with 80’s Action Movie strategy. From on high, with guns blazing. The main character is voiced and carries a good level of uncertainty; This isn’t an action hero, he isn’t the veteran of 3 campaigns and hundreds of kills. Me? I was in the dusty streets of Harriban killing zombies. This guy is from another place and another time and just wanted to bring his father’s ashes back home.

And I’m going to do that, just after I find a rocket launcher.

Far Cry 4, well recommended if you liked the previous games, enjoy shooters but want more plot than Call of Duty and personally I suggest it if you liked Skyrim but want guns and trucks instead of bows and horses.