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Caverns of Transcendence

I was killing time bopping Trolls in Skyway when the call went out. Some heroes had stumbled on what they believed was the Cavern of Transcendence. Sounded important and I volunteered to join them. I’m no mystic and I haven’t the foggiest idea on what it’s supposed to do.

But word was the Circle of Thorns was looking for it and I make it a personal hobby of thwarting Circle every chance I get. So naturally I had expectations that weren’t met entirely.

It took another member of our team, a mystic, to explain what this pile of rocks meant. And that was after battling through a small horde of “stone men” and “lava golem”. I’m sure they have proper names and something I’ll bring up later when I can track down time to visit MAGI.

I don’t make it a habit of doubting mystics, even when half of what they say sounds like such hogwash. I mean, I can fly and things they talk about make that sound so pedestrian.

We escaped that cave, though I had a lot more questions. I went in with this vision of “El Dorado” levels of dream-fulfillment. All I got was a little heat-blasting from lava pools that were oddly still fluid.

All told it was very strange and I made a note to ask a friend about it later. I’m more accustomed to punching robots than I am digging through rocks and old lore.