..it came tumbling down..

Here we were, venturing out from Ala Ghiri looking for things. Carbuncle and Friends are always on the hunt for interesting things.

Of course trouble is never far away. We crossed paths with one of these giant malicious crickets that seem to think I’m some kind of Lalafell snack food. Fortunately my summoning magicks were up to the task.

And so it was that along our path we found a ruined fortress where something had gone terribly wrong. Pieces of masonry lay about, scattered and broken. Men and women flung to-and-fro as though some massive ker-fluffle happened through here.

I always seem to find interesting times when travelling.

..it came tumbling down..

Ala Ghiri

Allow me to regale you with tales of my journey to and fro. Ala Ghiri was my destination, but through the Fringes and past monstrous things what sought to eat me I rode. These are but some of the tales of Carbuncle and Friends.

Carbuncle has been with me since I mastered Summoning following some months in practice as a White Mage. I found the practice lacking for my own amusement and I studied the tome for a while. From it’s pages I learnt of Carbuncle’s varied forms and now I know the fine methods used to conjure three of it’s colour.

Topaz is my first ally. He guards me with strength of stone. And by nature of his magical self, carries me through the air with the grace of a leaping gazelle.

We were venturing about the Peering Stones, assisting some Ananta when I crossed paths with a creature so heinous I had no choice but to vanquish it. Stopping it here would mean sparing anyone from harm and though it nearly returned the favor I walked away triumphant.

And after some time, we arrived in Ala Ghiri as I had intended some days prior. The journey wasn’t without it’s dangers and excitement and I found the experience reassuring. A hot bath was in order for Carbuncle and Friends.

Ala Ghiri

and then I went back to Final Fantasy XIV

Not now. But a few weeks ago. A friend joined and I’m excited to see him in it. So I’ve been questing, catching up to the events. Generally having a good ol’ time. But I’m not burning hard to finish story or levels or anything of that nature like I did last year. That was an intense two weeks and by the end I was just burned out and needed a break. Like.. a 10 month break.

I’ve made some new friends and had some great adventures. Perhaps you’ll hear about them.

Most recently me and some friends were hot on the trail of some kind of magical pony. We saw several, as while they’re rare, they’re not particularly unique. We had to battle through numerous manifestations of Ifrit, some harder than others.

Some time ago I was member to a party where I found it’s sister, the pony of Air. Xanthos, I think they call it.

There are numerous ponies to find and I’m on something of a quest to catch them all.

and then I went back to Final Fantasy XIV

Long Pursuit

GM Cephei. Why was I in GM Cephei?

Oh right..
I was being followed.

I had thought I was being paranoid. That the number of would-be pirates interdicting me was just unluckily high this week. But I indulged my paranoia once again.

Having your ship ID tags reset and your name obfuscated isn’t cheap. Several select bribes and a crate of Lavian Brandy later and once again I was merely some pilot in some ship plying the space lanes trying to make an easy credit. Using a series of independent and previously unknown brokers I selected a trade route moving easily obtainable goods. Nothing rare or noteworthy. Some medicine going one way, bismuth going another..

I had thought this was going well when the computer starts blaring alarms and the helm pulls like an angry bull. Interdiction. As is customary I throttle down and spare my FTL the stress of trying to evade. I figure, if it’s system security, a quick scan and I’ll be on my way. Unfortunately this wasn’t system security, unless someone in procurement decided that the time-honored Viper wasn’t meeting expectations. A lone Diamondback Scout greeted me with scans and conventional threats. Not a long-range combat vessel, certainly no match for my ship and my skills as a pilot. We danced among the stars for several minutes, his agility was outpacing mine and I was only able to land a sparing few shots but my beams cut deep. Not two minutes later his ship exploded.

The whole time they didn’t shoot back, just what I assumed was the jockeying for position before a well place railgun or plasma cannon shot. My suspicion was validated not ten minutes later when another would-be pirate, this time in something more dangerous, found me. Fortunately I found him on sensors first and made a short jump out-system.

The question became “Who had I pissed off?”

It took me a few days to get out to GM Cephei. A contact I’d made back near Ao Qin was promoted to foreman for a low-key mining opportunity out there. He claimed to have some information. The kind of information you don’t just broadcast over normal channels. He was vague but certainly emphatic that this information would answer a few questions regarding my current plight. In GM Cephei.

Of course I get there and he’s nowhere to be found. Nobody under his name on comm channels. Nobody who had even heard of him. Weird. Suspicious. I didn’t even leave my ship, this was too strange and I’m not inclined to wait for trouble to find me. several thousand light-year from home, I turned around and left about as quickly as I had arrived.

Long Pursuit

USS Telesto

From one ship to another, one game to another. It’s been an interesting week. Soon I go into Elder Scrolls Online for a while but before then some Star Trek Online.

My current ship, a Fleet Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit, is probably among my favorite. It’s got nacelles, a big saucer. I dwarf some other ships in the game even though I’m not very big. Certainly nothing compared to the Universe-class Enterprise J they featured at one time.

Nothing is bigger than that thing. In fact, the question of if it fits into some of the missions came up. At the time of release it was (and I think still is) biggest ship in the game.

USS Telesto

Vision Quest

I should know better than to touch strange artifacts. During one Priory initiation I was offered the chance to examine an unusual hourglass. I was even encouraged to touch it.

That should have been sufficient warning. I know better, I really do. What came next cannot be described sufficiently.

I was reliving memories someone else had collected in this fractured landscape. Teachings and lost thoughts amidst the jutting shards of crystal. It was only through the most focused concentration that I was able to see the dangers in time to defend myself.

My normal illusions seemed to have more life here and I was having a hard time know which ‘me’ was true and which were not.

No surface reflected my properly. At first I thought it was just distorted by the materials, the very crystals that made up the floors. But then I started to see the differences, the underlying message hidden in the space around me.

This will take time to decipher. I’ve arranged for lodging at the Priory headquarters so I can better access their library whilst I delve into the meaning of my visions.

Vision Quest

And so the journey continues..

Oh what a week it had been. Or was it two weeks? I’ve lost count.. I’ve ridden from the jungles of Maguuma to the Crystal Desert. I’ve seen leagues of countryside pass from the saddle of my raptor, and while I yearn for a cold ale and a warm biscuit I fear I’ll not rest soon.

I’ve recently mastered the base tenets of Chronomancy and am able to drop wells of time so mystifying that foes feel themselves lost in memory.

I ventured west into Maguuma, deep into the jungle which even now claims the lives of foolish adventurer’s. Your biggest danger there is in falling, for there is no forest floor to land upon. No, the whole place is a series of layered branches and platforms nestled well above the seemingly endless pit of roots and ever-writhing vines beneath. I wasn’t there long, but certainly long enough to know I’d need to return with sufficient supply and patience. There’s few easy paths through the branches and frequently I was blocked by what could have been easily been overcome with a small airship.

The Pact has made a foothold though it struggles daily to maintain that presence. I spent a number of nights helping their patrols and crossed paths with a variety of troll I can only describe as “Worse than usual”. Seems Mordremoth, the jungle dragon, has taken to mutating local fauna and has produced a variety of troll I hope remains in Maguuma. I wonder how long he’s been working at this, or if this is just a recent occurrence coinciding with his reawakening.

I’ve made a note to stop in with the Priory scholars on my way east. I’m curious to know more about the jungle before Scarlet.

And so the journey continues..

Adventures in foreign lands and scaly mounts, part 3

I’ve rolled into the hills north of Lion’s Arch looking for my prey. I found it among the rocks and rivers and lakes. Though I’m still looking and I’ll keep hunting.

I have mastered the base tenets of Chronomancy, a feat which has taught me the value of carrying a shield. The more advanced bits will take more time and so I continue to adventure around the lands with my trusty raptor.

Adventures in foreign lands and scaly mounts, part 3