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It’s not enough to hope answers come to you. You have to search them out at times.

It wasn’t enough that I was chased, they were waiting for me. Three Federal Assault Ships were lurking near the belt in tight formation. Ambush. The fight was quick but brutal and as my shields started to buckle I devised a hasty plan. I punched up my remlok and braced for the explosion and ejection of atmosphere as my canopy was ruptured. Secondary explosions crippled my ship and while the hull was battered my suited body tucked into a ball and drifted away. Too small for conventional sensors to detect with no mass or heat signature I waited. A minute later, satisfied their target was done for and my ship riddled with holes they leapt into FTL and were gone in a flash.

Rescue ships were quick to pick me up once I’d activated my recovery beacon. The insurance payout was sufficient and while recovery of my ships wreckage and subsequent repair would be forthcoming I set about arranging for another ship. Changed IDENT codes and registration, the Frail Harpy was waiting for me in berth. As her systems were installed I’d thought about my next steps.

I had been looking into my fathers’ death closely. More so recently than I had been. The clues all pointed one direction. First to a shipping station in Ao Qin. A system now controlled by pirates. A pirate faction that was demolished in a brutal wave of “pacification” conflicts as some agency bankrolled a small war designed to ‘clean up our system’. If you looked closely you could see the money trail vanish behind anonymous donors and faceless bureaucratic agencies. Someone had clearly hired pirates and was now cleaning up the trail. But the more I poked the more someone poked back.

At first I thought the attacks were convenient, that the cargo I was carrying was tagged or the agents I worked for bought. But the ships coming after me escalated and the pretense of “hand over your cargo” faded. No, whomever was after me wasn’t interested in the cargo. They came guns blazing.

So now I planned my next steps. Opened some quieter lines of inquiry, reaching out to some people I knew with ties to criminal operations. And I waited.

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A hunters cadence

I’m not sure how long I was there, drifting among the ice tumbling through space. Their gentle orbits belying their dangerous mass. Watching the miners ply their violet beams to harvest diamonds and water had a certain peace to it.

Sensors lit when twin targets dropped in-belt. The python I could imagine was here for the chunks of ice gently orbitng [redacted]. The FDL on the other hand, I had this gut-feeling about.

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and then I went back to Final Fantasy XIV

Not now. But a few weeks ago. A friend joined and I’m excited to see him in it. So I’ve been questing, catching up to the events. Generally having a good ol’ time. But I’m not burning hard to finish story or levels or anything of that nature like I did last year. That was an intense two weeks and by the end I was just burned out and needed a break. Like.. a 10 month break.

I’ve made some new friends and had some great adventures. Perhaps you’ll hear about them.

Most recently me and some friends were hot on the trail of some kind of magical pony. We saw several, as while they’re rare, they’re not particularly unique. We had to battle through numerous manifestations of Ifrit, some harder than others.

Some time ago I was member to a party where I found it’s sister, the pony of Air. Xanthos, I think they call it.

There are numerous ponies to find and I’m on something of a quest to catch them all.

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The Farming is real

So, in and out of a couple games. Some oldies and favorites. Some I’ve talked about here, some I haven’t. But new on my list is Farm Together. Loosely described as Farmville but on Steam and multiplayer. Regardless, it’s cute and easy to play. No massively ulterior goal other than farming and building up your options for plants.

Right now, i’m just barely into it but I’ve got Lemon and Apple trees and a smattering of field crops.

Early Access but well worth the asking price.

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I’m a dragon!

Zurom Farstrider

Zurom Farstrider

I’m something of a fan of Istaria. It’s dated, sure. It’s not modern-day graphics dialed up to 9. The community is small but dedicated and the world is interesting to explore.

Between Dragon and Biped you can be anything you want. And there’s no commitment to class when you’re not a dragon, you can level all the classes and add their powers to your repertoire.

Dragon is kind of a one and done approach but you can learn to fly. And it’s a rare game where you can a) play a dragon and b) Fly.

My personal tastes are kinda there with fantasy games. I want interesting depth, optional design choices and a world you can explore. I once joined some friends for a big fiery boss-monster fight. This fight required my way-underleveled elf to hike across creation for what feels like forever. Past monsters great and small, through townships and villages.

I would do it again. My second character aside from Zurom is going to be a lizard man of some nature.

Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted

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Been a while, right?

I’ve played a prodigious amount of Minecraft in the last month or so.  Coupled with a heat wave that made my computer unbearable I have little to talk about.

I considered delving into rocketry again.  Something a coworker said reminded me of Estes Rockets and now that I have money and time I thought I could get back into the hobby.  Sadly, I don’t have space to do the kind of construction it requires nor the venue to launch and recover from.  It’s on my to-do list, but something that will take more than 5 minutes Amazon research to work out.

A friend of mine is playing FFXIV and it’s new expansion as well as Witcher 3.  Such that I haven’t seen him in a few weeks so I’m assuming they’re quite good.  I watched him stream Witcher one night, it’s very pretty and appears very well done.

I picked up a new phone and Puzzles and Dragons again for some mobile entertainment.  Taking a break from reading my book in the morning meant finding something else to fill the time.  I like the mix of Pokemon and Bejeweled, certainly gives me something to enjoy on the commute.

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I should do this more often

Hawken comes along nicely.  An arena shooter featuring you as a large-ish robot.  More action than strategy, a mild amount of real money investment to customize.  I enjoy the idea for 10/15 minutes a day or weekend.  I’m not dedicated for more than that.

I talked a friend into spinning up EVE Online a bit.  So far he likes it and committed to a 3 month run.  EVE provides a sandbox experience that’s immediately deeper than most other games on the market.  There’s so much information to be absorbed you spend your first couple of sessions wrapping your head around some of the concepts.

Meanwhile I got back into Guild Wars 2 right as the recent festival was ending.  I reached out via Reddit to find a guild with active players.  My previous guild, managed by my roommate is sorta dead.  But that happens when you run an exclusive friends/family guild.  I still retain leadership power, as GW2 doesn’t lock you out of guild memberships, but I don’t expect any of the six members to come flocking back anytime soon.

RIFT went Free to Play, my few hours with it have shown me that it’s a solid game with a reliable mechanic.  I don’t find it compelling as it’s more of the same Fantasy MMO I’ve gotten used to, but you might find it more interesting.

Last of Us finally came out and so far it sounds amazing.  I watched the first ten minutes via YouTube on a favored channel of mine.  I got that same anxiety I get when I watch other suspense zombie movies.  Fantastic, if you’re looking for that kind of thing.  I’ll be playing but I’ll surely wait for a bright, sunny weekend.

Meanwhile, Shadowrun Returns, a strategy/rpg of the Shadowrun Genre releases on July 25th.  I’m excited as I’ve been waiting for this since the Kickstarter convinced me to give my token support.  It’s coming with full tools to build your own missions and so I look forward to forum threads on construction and playthrough of various homemade stories.

As always, you can submit personal requests via malformedfork (at) gmail.  I’ll do what I can.

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Questions? I can help!

If you have a question about anything and would like my opinion you’re welcome to email me:

Start your subject with “Query” and I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner.

If you don’t follow these instructions I can’t make promises what will happen to your email.  I have ravenous attack filters what are likely to devour poorly tagged email.


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Closing Thoughts, 2012

You might be asking: What? Closing Thoughts? In Mid-November?

Ladies and Gentlemen.  Yes, i’m speaking to all six of you, my amused fanbase.  I close out my tabletop gaming in late November, ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday and free myself and my players from the frustration of trying to schedule their weekly gaming excursion.  I don’t pick it back up until January giving myself some time to plot and consider.

I’m closing out one game this season, Shadowrun comes to a close tonight or next monday.  Either they die, or they escape.  Next year is already shaping up to be a busy run.  I’ve got calls for Werewolf, Shadowrun should pick up in January on schedule and I’ve got some piqued interest for Pathfinder.  All games I’d run.  The tricky part is I can’t usually run more than two games without canning one of them.  Something in me feels like I can do this.

I don’t subscribe to many of the AAA titles that come out of the video-gaming cycles.  I’m not playing Assassin’s Creed though I’ve heard it’s good.  If you like the sneaking and stabbing style then I can’t imagine you’ll be left wanting with another bout of the ‘Creed.  Unconsciously my brain keeps trying to call it Asheron’s Call.  I played Asheron’s Call 2 back in that brief window they kept the servers up.  I liked it alot and would have played it a lot longer save that unfortunate cutoff.  I’d tell you about it’s wonders but it’s been so long I barely remember any of the details.  I remember you could /play an instrument you’d pull out of thin air and if others joined you it would form an orchestra of sorts.

I bought into a new Gameboy DS XL.  Hell, this thing is huge.  My brain is dancing around the idea that I made a mistake in getting one so big.  I’m playing Pokemon Black and later I’ll play Black 2.  That’s all I ever do with my Gameboy as that’s why I get them.  Pokemon is, as it’s ever been, a game about collecting creatures and putting them to battle.  Pokemon is classically a kids game, but there are complicated breeding aspects that I can’t see making sense to a six-year old.  I’m a collector at heart and Pokemon is a nearly perfect fit.

I’m going to be looking into Machinima and what they offer to YouTube broadcasters.  See if I could make something out of recording playthroughs.  If that were the case, you’d likely see more writing and more games.

2012, you were awesome.  You’ll see more of me but for the time I’m waiting for Star Command, Wasteland 2 and Planetary Annihilation.


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