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Category: Star Trek Online


When the priest threw incense into the brazier, I was expecting a vision. A sight among sights, perhaps a shred of inner-peace.

Instead I was introduced to Gre’thor. Complete with Fek’lhr. A very vivid Fek’lhr.

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“Captain, Metreon gas detected..”

U.S.S. Errant Song

We’d come to one-quarter impulse and slid into the belt carefully. The crew was tense. We were practically swimming in a gas so volatile that entire texts were written about it: Metreon

Unfortunately we were on a rescue mission and our help was needed deeper into the pocket. Eninun voiced her concern about weapons-fire which I noted. She wasn’t keen on sticking around anymore than I was. The sensors pinged at high-power while we waited for the confirmation tones that our friends were nearby.

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We’d been on colony support for several weeks. And while it wasn’t dangerous work it was arduous. Ferrying crews and equipment throughout the quadrant, rushing to meet deadlines and rigorous environmental analysis.

We were relieved from our routine, given a much desired break and left to pursue our primary mission: Exploration. It was nice to sit back and just spend some time stargazing for a change. To turn our sensors at the twinkling of distant stars and glide quietly among the wispy strands of nebula.

U.S.S. Errant Song – uncharted nebula

It’s these quiet times I look back to when we’re deep in the trenches of chaos and war.

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in Blue

Sometimes I’m taken aback by the beauty in a thing.

U.S.S. Telesto – Gamma Quadrant

Conflict with the Hur’q pushed us into the Gamma Quadrant, through the wormhole. It was inspiring to see such glamour while we pursued darker secrets.

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