1. dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner.

It’s no small feat reaching Faathim the Kind, let alone receiving an audience. So when a being of his stature and status asks for help, you listen.

Investigate, Counter and Report

We were up to our neck in Crey Security, heavily armed troopers and the occasional scientist. So few scientists that it was starting to seem like a trap.

My team was chaotic, but we cleared rooms like professionals and the chaos helped keep our enemies off their footing.

City of Heroes

Not a day passes where I don’t hear someone exclaim “I can’t believe it’s back!” The joy in their voices the energy in their step. Yes folks, it’s back to City of Heroes for me.

Free to Play and hosted in some dark corner I’ve been plugging away at blasting thugs and flying around the city. Having just completed a lap of a time-lost corner of Galaxy City I was feeling a touch too nostalgic and thought I should share with you some words.

Ganymedean, a Kheldian and Peacebringer, is my main and whom I’ll be telling stories about in the coming days.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to find it late one Saturday night and not even 40 minutes later I was in and playing. The next 5 hours passed so quickly and every weekend since have been late nights, too much caffeine and thwarting villainy.

Here are some links for the curious:

Installation and Getting started guide
Reddit on r/cityofheroes

If you come back I’m over on the Everlasting server. Drop me a /tell and fly safe my friends!

A relic untouched is a curse unbidden

“No! Careful” I screamed. Reaching out, my fingers so short I barely caught his coattail in a desperate reach. The Mi’qote, oblivious to the danger bumped the dusty bottle heedless of the danger that lay within reach.

Time seemed to slow as the vessel tumbled from it’s shelf, over into the empty air and down to the ground. It shattered, as centuries-old ceramic often does.

The magic was quick. Had I not been watching I would never have noticed the change, but the Mi’qote rapidly shrank from what was before quite tall to something much closer to the ground. His scream rose in pitch as the form shifted and the voice followed suit.

Moments later I was eye-to-eye with my new adventuring companion, once a Mi’qote of orange fur and lithe tail, now a Lalafell with distinctively Dunesfolk features.

Of Fame and Glory

Between bouts we made new friends. Fellow adventurer’s in search of a little splash of glory. I had barely caught their names when we were called to the arena once more.

The battles were fantastic, the engagements captivating and we gave our all. Victory was ours and wasn’t in all the numerous occasions. I’ll always remember these days as some of my fondest memories. Before it all changed.

The Silence of Nightmares

I had visions. Some so tremendously nightmarish I would never retell the tale. Others so murky I had to find others to help.

Visions of a strange city, maybe a temple.. I could not tell which

The visions plagued me but I journeyed. Bleary-eyed and slack-jawed I traversed the land looking for a clue as to what this place is. Where it was. Some spoke in hushed whispers as I passed, my gaze passed over them and they turned to hide their faces. And I didn’t know where all this was coming from. Bewildered, I kept moving, from village to township, hillside to vale. And at every stop, every night, every bed another vision found me.

They started with form, patterns I recognized and shapes I knew. Then as time moved the visions became dreams, the dreams turned into nightmares. First the mists, a theme among themes.

Then to a land blasted, torn and rendered inhospitable. Flooded and risen, cursed and poisoned.

As I fell ever downward I knew not where I would stop.


I was having a momentous day. New hairstyle, that is turning heads and amusing the masses. New clothes that is keeping me sharp and qualified.

But that didn’t devalue my skill in healing, weaving incantations to mend wounds or flay enemies. The Silver Lady guided us into realms on the edge of madness but we prevailed. I was certain of this, she smiled and brought cookies to commend our victory.

Dreams of other places..

I woke with a start, breathing labored. I was trembling from the dream.. a dream where I was in a cave.. in a forest.. under.. underground?

The visions clung to me vividly and yet distant. Close enough to touch, the stench of decay and moist earth filled my nostrils. This was too vivid to be a dream, it must be a message. I must find this place, I must know what brings me here.

I’m seeing a trend..

I was beside myself with a curious notion of apathy. Carbuncle wasn’t any help and no matter how I approached the situation I was left talking to my conjured friend.

At the behest of the Silver Lady I followed her into something she called World of Darkness. It didn’t go well..

We survived and triumphed, but it wasn’t a smooth adventure as one might hope.