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Excerpts: Jousting

While I admire the endeavors of the Argent Crusade, their quest to destroy the Scourge and protect Azeroth, I detest their training methods.

Admittedly, times occur when I am reduced to eradicating my foe with wand. On occasion, I’ve found reason to invoke the fine sharpened edge of my dagger.

But to require entrants learn the finer nuances of jousting, to mount with lance and shield those who are better trained to rain destruction via spell and gesture? Preposterous at the least, utterly insane at the most.

It has taught me new respect for some of my more heavily armed comrades. The defense offered in plate and mail do invoke a subtle twinge of jealousy. But when I consider the loss of firepower. The sheer reduction in my ability to eradicate, that jealousy evaporates like so much water in the Grim Guzzler.

Speaking of which. The Grim Guzzler is one of the finest drinking establishments around. Now if only they offered room and board.