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Category: Vestolo

I am Vestolo, a human Mesmer from Divinity’s Reach.

My greatest regret is never having a chance to join the Circus. I got past it and eventually I got in but that’s a story for later.

In these pages you’ll read of my adventures and travels. I hope you enjoy yourself while I regale you with my stories.


I quested for a night among the snowy tops of the Shiverpeaks, a land I despise for the piercing cold.  I have places I would rather be, but I have a task at hand.

Durmond Priory has a way of poking their nose into business better left for Warriors.  I found many of their encampments dangerously close to Dredge excavations, some of them right in the middle and all of their researchers eager to ask for assistance in securing their lines.  I helped as best I  can but I left them all with the same advice: Move.  I’ve known Dredge to expand excavations aggressively and all I could think of was how many people would die all for the pursuit of ancient knowledge.

I managed to find an aged Dwarven Key what i tucked into my pack.  It’ll come in handy some day, i’m sure.

My contact in the Order of Whispers met me at Spearhaunt Bane, a welcome shelter from the biting wind and the howl of battle at Black Earth Coalmine nearby.  Orders in hand I took shelter among the ruins for the night before returning to my journey.

I woke in the morning to the sounds of battle.  The Dredge had taken offense to the camp so near their mine and were staging an offensive to capture the ruins.  Seeing little chance in fighting off a concentrated force I made my way to the Asuran waypoint and translocated out of Dredgehaunt, leaving the biting wind behind me.

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I practice The Mirrored Way.  I practice The Shattered Visage.  I am Lyssa’s reflection.

I am the Shattered Mirror.

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A jaunt into the Aetherblade Retreat taught me the folly of my hubris.  I had begun to see the ‘dark’ Asura as childish and obnoxious.  Their true danger had escaped me and it wasn’t until facing down specially designed golems and walls of burning light that I realized where I failed.

A lesson I hope I won’t have to learn again.

I finished my search in Mount Maelstrom, thanked my hosts as I packed up camp and departed for Dredge territory.  I detest the Shiverpeaks and their snow and somehow I keep coming back to the mountain passes and the blinding blizzards.

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Crucible of Eternity

I ran amok with a band of fellow heroes in an Asura base, too close for comfort to Mount Maelstrom.  The mountain being known for violent outbursts and volatile gases, the base was heavily shielded with Asuran magical technology, abominations of the Eternal Alchemy according to some friends.

My path of the Shattered Mirror makes me a uniquely powerful Mesmer.  The only beast I encountered in all of the sub-aquatic base was a “Subject Alpha” who gave me a run for my money.  We triumphed and parted ways, but not before smashing about every console and routing half the bases’ defensive response.

I’m still dwelling near the Mount, hopefully my journey ends tonight.  I have a few more nooks to peer into.

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I’ll never know how he found his way into my possessions.  Half a rusted lantern and a tatter of penant were all there was and yet the ghostly spirit hounded me.

I noted to make time to try and communicate with it someday, should it prove to be a manifestation of spiritual energy and not a hallucinatory emanation from the Mad King.

Cohorts within the Bubblegum Brigade coerced me to join them in assaulting the Mad King’s private sanctum.  I assured them it was a bad idea, that nothing good could come of this and yet they insisted.  I won’t say I regretted the choice though I won’t admit I enjoyed it either.

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I stopped in Vanjir’s Stead briefly, having just come East from Demon’s Maw.  Provisions were high on my list and as I prepared to trek North, back above the treeline, I chatted briefly with the few Norn dwelling there.

Seemed Ice Wurms were causing some trouble at the edge of their stead and they were paying well for people to see about dissuading the abnormally active beasts.  A task I assured them I’d look into as I headed North.  I was searching the edge of Dredgehaunt for anything of note as necessitated by my membership with the Oder of Whispers.

How I let them dispatch me to the mountains again I’ll never know.

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I’ve seen Skritt in many places.

I’m no Durmand Priory researcher so I keep my ramblings to a minimum.  But I’ve begun to think they followed the Asura.  Anywhere I find Asura I’ve also found Skritt.  The number of them vary but the presence is unmistakable.

What confuses me is the varied nature of their hostility.  Some are cutthroat merchants.  Most are aggressively territorial.

I wasn’t terribly surprised then as I crossed the Rootangles and neared Ruins of the Unseen.  The area was rife with Skritt activity as they swarmed out of their burrows and attacked anyone within sight.

When it was done, I was told by a nearby Asura that this happens often as a side effect of his research.  I didn’t inquire on his research, Asuran theology is heavily mixed into their academic teachings and I wasn’t in the mood for another debate on The Eternal Alchemy.

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Lornar’s Pass

It should be noted I don’t like Lornar’s Pass.  I hate it in fact.  If the biting winds didn’t chill to the bone, then the sheer drops from thousand-foot passes makes travel extremely treacherous.  Nestled between Grawl, Dredge and the nested Griffon’s, there aren’t a lot of safe havens to make camp if that wasn’t bad enough the lowlands are rife with wurms.  Larger than what you might see in Queensdale which alone makes me long for warmer climes.

I’d tell you why I was there but I can’t recall at this time.  I’m sure it will come back to me.

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Caledon Forest

To call it a forest is to extend the dotted line around your understanding of the term ‘Forest’ and move it back a few leagues.  Caledon is more of a coastal swamp with occasional dry hills crawling with whatever climbed out of the deeps in the Sea of Sorrows.

It was there I met Lithiaria, a mesmer like myself.  She was struggling with grubs the size of a Kryta Hound.  I was looking for something I wasn’t sure about so I stopped briefly to help her.  It didn’t take long for her to request my company while she assisting the various people living in Caledon.  Roughly three days passed while we battled Nightmare Court, giant spiders and Skales.  I was still looking when we took some brief time to camp out at a fort in the middle of the forest and rest briefly.

I met a trader, moving west into Metrica Province, who was able to trade me various items I needed to finish my tailoring project, the Masquerade.  It cost me greatly, but I feel a price worth paying.  We’ll see how the long-term amusement holds me.

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I stood there.  I watched as blood seeped from my wounds, as life faded from my eyes I knew intimately.  My skin paled, blood drained from the cheeks and the eyes closed offering an end to the sudden and rapid decline.

In a flash it was gone, shattered into a myriad array of glass-like splinters that vanished into the air.

This is going to be a long day.


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