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Tag: Sandbox Universe

Solar 2

Damn.  I hurtle through space, colliding with rocks twisting in the darkness, my size expands I grow to become an orb holding people.  Civilizations develop and defend me as I gather momentum.  I explode into a fiery orbital power as my previous brothers and sisters fall into my grasp.  Alliances develop and organize, my defense is their only concern as they construct vessels and attack those who fall beyond my gravitational grasp.  As time passes, I swallow those around me and collapse into the Great Darkness and begin swallowing the Universe.

Solar 2 is a game where you start small as a boring rock and hurtle through space until you become a planet.  There are missions, slightly different at each level, Asteroid > Planet > Star.  As a Black Hole you have no great options other than avoid stronger Singularities.  This is a Sand Box game, where you don’t have to do the missions, the achievements are spread around the missions themselves and how you move around.  For instance, there’s one for gathering 15 asteroids as a planet.  Harder than you’ think.

I like Sand Box games as they allow a pursuit of ideas and structures without forcing me into a linear quest and story.  Thanks, but what if I dislike the King and hate the Kingdom?  It’s rather beautiful in it’s simplicity.

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