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I’ve become accustomed to the darkness in Dark Astoria. The way the shadows hunger and claw at your feet, the way the sun never shines but the light never completely fades. The near-constant screams in the distance.

I awake here more often than not. Some measure of my Kheldian finds solace amongst the darkness. Maybe out of duty we lurk here, perhaps out of fear we hide. I can’t tell and I’m not sure I’d want to know if I could.

I’m rarely alone out here though. The populace having long been evacuated or abandoned I’m usually greeted by devious cultists or sinister wizards.

Today, it was the wizards.

Sector Patrol

X-L5QH – Fragile Thunder

Belt patrols in Disci are a grim necessity. We’ve pushed our boundary out far enough that pirates are slipping into the cracks. If there isn’t a war brewing up then there’s a war in motion. While the most militant of my group put boot to ass, I keep to the belts. I prefer the quiet simplicity of the tumbling ‘roids and the lazy way miners go looking for a ‘good score’.

With Friends like these.. can do almost anything!

Gaelicat Exploration was my new home, friends from across the realm had come to rest by the hearth. Our host, Audric, was keen to provide us a chair of our own desire and so I opted for the modest Malboro. Rela choose the biggest and brightest seat in the house, for which I cannot blame her. From that vantage even the mighty Roegadyn would need stare you in the eye.

Unto darkness and light

I had to check my book again. I wasn’t..lost. Just..confused.

Carbuncle was offering it’s best support by providing a watchful eye and some light as I deciphered my instructions.

“Captain, Metreon gas detected..”

U.S.S. Errant Song

We’d come to one-quarter impulse and slid into the belt carefully. The crew was tense. We were practically swimming in a gas so volatile that entire texts were written about it: Metreon

Unfortunately we were on a rescue mission and our help was needed deeper into the pocket. Eninun voiced her concern about weapons-fire which I noted. She wasn’t keen on sticking around anymore than I was. The sensors pinged at high-power while we waited for the confirmation tones that our friends were nearby.

Two minds; One Body

I hadn’t slept well in days. I may not have slept at all but it’s hard to say when you’ve had as much coffee as I have. I think they called it ‘Black Blood of the Earth’. An homage to mystical rituals and sorcerous habits. While it came in concentrate, intended to be thinned out and rationed over days or weeks, I had taken to drinking it straight.

The kheldian inhabiting my body had woken and it was seething with anger. Betrayal and Outrage were the order of the day.


We’d been on colony support for several weeks. And while it wasn’t dangerous work it was arduous. Ferrying crews and equipment throughout the quadrant, rushing to meet deadlines and rigorous environmental analysis.

We were relieved from our routine, given a much desired break and left to pursue our primary mission: Exploration. It was nice to sit back and just spend some time stargazing for a change. To turn our sensors at the twinkling of distant stars and glide quietly among the wispy strands of nebula.

U.S.S. Errant Song – uncharted nebula

It’s these quiet times I look back to when we’re deep in the trenches of chaos and war.

in Blue

Sometimes I’m taken aback by the beauty in a thing.

U.S.S. Telesto – Gamma Quadrant

Conflict with the Hur’q pushed us into the Gamma Quadrant, through the wormhole. It was inspiring to see such glamour while we pursued darker secrets.


Shocklord was born one sleepy morning in ’06 when concept met opportunity. A blaster then he went through the normal character cycles of adventure and development until a series of ugly encounters pummeled hope and ransomed my dreams.

I had trashed the character then, given up the name to a friend who had a great deal more success than I did. Now on Homecoming I’m back in the saddle and while I’ve revisited some of my old ‘blaster curse’ it’s not as bad as it was. For one, I’ve had a fair bit more success than before.

We were running down some plans for a giant robot when I stopped to admire the beauty on Striga Isle.

I’m what the FBSA classifies a Sentinel:

“The Sentinel is a powerful ranged combatant with moderate protective powers and protection against control powers. Sturdier than a Blaster, it also has the ability to distract enemies to avoid being overwhelmed.

The clinical declaration of Blaster frailty is understated in my mind.