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Battlefield 4: Why am I dead again?

I was hanging with Katie of who sometimes streams her antics via Twitch and some of her friends when Battlefield 4 went on sale. 18 bucks for Premium and I had all the hot content and priority queueing. Between this and another blog I was (and still am) reading, September went rather quickly.

Battlefield and it’s kin, amuse me for the strategy and the action. Like a digital football. But I’m an MMO player, I like progression and advancement. BF4 provides an excellent instant-action venue for it’s gameplay. There’s always a server up you can join, “shoot some dudes” and have a pretty good time. And yes, there’s a level system, there’s a progression of unlocks as you move through the game. But aircraft are something of a joke and too often you get a map dominated by some excellently skilled players in helicopters. But for what it provides I would easily recommend BF4 for anyone looking for a modern combat experience. This isn’t a refined simulation, on the contrary it’s quite arcade-like.

That being said, I got about two weeks into BF4 when someone brought up Planetside 2. Planetside 2 brings just about everything BF4 brings but it’s persistent. You can spend hours fighting over a tower or a hillside as the sides fighting ebb and flow trying to seize territory. In BF, we’re talking about matches. Lose the round? Oh, well better luck next time. Planetside will have you taking and losing and retaking structures in the ever present war. If the fighting here is too intense or too quiet you can redeploy to another region for more war. Or if you’re feeling like flying around the map and look at the scenery, you can retreat away from the front lines to putter about.

Planetside 2 is made by Day Break Games (or at least supported by them). Also in their lineup is H1Z1 which is on my docket for October. I’m enjoying the roam and scavenge survivalism. It’s something I like about Fallout and i’m eagerly awaiting Fallout 4 in November. H1Z1 has it’s moments of brilliance. Radios you can loot, let you join a global voice chat. Make a compass to get general direction with crafting. Some usual crafty stuff. There’s a character wipe tomorrow morning so I’m likely to spend some hours Wednesday learning my way through the world.

I’m planning a play of H1Z1 for Halloween. A LAN party if I can get the volunteers, a streamed solo session if I can’t. I’ll link here when I have better information.

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ESO, Site Redesign and YouTube

Welcome back dear readers for another installment of MalformedFork.

You’ll see some more posts down the road and maybe an automatic relay for my YouTube project.  Some preliminary evaluation has shown me two things:

1) Audio Quality is scratchy and craptacular.  I’m going to fix that just as soon as I figure out how.

2) Game load times get wonky while my recording software is running.  I’m testing on a second-drive solution but that’ll take time to complete migrating all my crucial data from the old Hard Drive to the new.

Katie of katili*made is hard at work tweaking the site and making it snazzy.  Meanwhile I’m reinstalling some games that I think we should look at once more.  Coming up is Distant Worlds as I can feel a 4x itch building.

I’ll have a dash of Minecraft recorded and maybe a few words after their next update: 1.8

Meanwhile I’m playing ESO, enjoying my romp through a fantasy wilderness rife with lore.  If you find yourself out there look me up under @egoprovince




The best part of waking up is coffee already made for you regardless if it’s Folgers.  Or maybe it’s the warm shower.  I digress.

The best part of having your own blog is the ability to plug your own ventures without shame.  After all, it’s my blog, I’ll do whatever I please.

Starting very soon (Tomorrow, probably) you’ll see updates to a YouTube channel under my personal label: leprekawn

You’ll see videos of Minecraft, some Elder Scrolls Online and whatever else comes across my plate.  I’ll even try recording one of our usual Sunday Night WoW Raids, but at 2.5 hours I might just record the highlights.


Also, while i’m plugging other sites, you can see some finely made hand-crafts from Katie Wagner at katili*made – Enjoy!

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Munitions, the Media and Myth

The three M’s of my weekly “Oh, seriously!?” whining.  I primarily recognize it in vampire shows where the antagonist is carrying that special shotgun loaded with fire, or the heroine dual wields guns like a trained pro.

I happened upon a YouTube channel that gives you some demonstration of various weapons.  The commentator, often seen in a “Professional Russian” t-shirt will often take a moment to show you just how little recoil there is.  On some of those guns, i’m shocked.  The Ulti-Max v3 is a serious piece of hardware and yet you can watch him use it one handed here:

And of course, the AA-12 Automatic Shotgun, dual wielded here:


Normally, I’d have listed Dragons Breath, or any other special ‘anti-vampire’ round in the logs of “Shit that don’t exist, Son.”  But after watching one of FPS Russia’s videos, I’m seeing a subtle truth that I had failed to account for.

Now I need to apologize to some of my players for adjudications I’d made.


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