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Tag: Wrath of the Lich King

On the topic of the Scourge

I wasn’t five minutes inside Warsong Hold when some lowly orc shoved an axe into my hands and ordered me to the front lines to support the war effort.

Mind you, it’d been barely a day since I awoke in Silvermoon. I wasn’t aware there was still a war to fight, let alone that I was actually this close to the front line.

Seems my understanding of ‘war’ and ‘front line’ needed some adjustment. The cool crisp tundra air was joined by a rancid stench and the occasional clash of steel on carapace. Looking down the ramparts I spotted nothing less than a legion of Scourge locked in battle with Orcish defenders.

The front line was also the front door.

I won’t bore you with the sorded details of spellcraft, or the ways in which i obliterated my foes. It should only be said that the carnage was great, the bodies were many and that I still had ‘it’.

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Northrend – Frozen Hell

It should be known that I dislike the snow. It gets in your shoes, makes your feet cold and stiffens the fingers. To a swordsman, a stiff hand is death. To a mage, a stiff hand is a badly fumbled spell. If we’re lucky, it’s a quick death.

And I suddenly remember Zindel. Failed to grasp the subtle context in basic conjuration. We never found the rest of him.

That being said. I liked Tanaris. Dry, windy and desolate. I found myself at home with my thoughts while travelling through Tanaris. Not something you often get when you channel raw, unbridled energy.

When I stepped off the zepplin at Vengeance Landing I was certain of two things. One, that I rather disliked the Forsaken. I promise you they smell and it’s not just the plague vats they’re constantly brewing. Two, that I hate the snow and as a secondary consideration, the cold.

I hadn’t dressed warm enough for a journey to Northrend, let alone a lengthy stay.

It wasn’t long before I’d managed to convey my situation to the Innkeep and provided me with a woolen underlayer to help insulate me against the cold.

But it didn’t take long for me to find the zepplin again and book a flight west, to Honor Hold. I appreciate the company of a curageous and cunning people as the Orcs. At the very least, their food is better.

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