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Category: Comics

On Superheroes – DC Comics

I commented recently on my preference regarding Batman yet I find I failed to illustrate my higher ranked alternatives.  I claimed three of them and three I have.

Wonder Woman

Metaplot discussions of DC heroes can’t go far before you start comparing them to Grecian Heros and Gods of which WW is part and parcel.  A Wonder Woman movie would be an adventure of empowerment and general ass-kickery spared the glamorous sparkle of outrageous special effects.

Green Lantern

But none of this Hal Jordan trounces the Yellow Curse crap.  No sir.  I want the post-recruitment Hal Jordan, making a name for himself and saving the day.  Give us the showdown between Sinestro and GL, a knock-down, drag-out fight between two ring packing dudes with serious Alpha Dog attitudes.  Save the Yellow Curse for another movie.

Super Man

One of those characters you can’t help but have heard the background for about a dozen times.  I never read Superman comics, I thought he was boring.  What I did appreciate was the few comics where he’s battling other brilliantly evil badasses from other planets/dimensions.  Give us the Brainiac story, or perhaps Darkseid.  We -know- where Superman came from, we know his weakness.  We KNOW Lex Luthor is evil.  Give up, those stories are done.  We need to see one of the less discussed and showcased villains get some screen time.

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