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The casual rush of water coming in from overhead covered the noise of nearby conversations too well. While I tried to maintain a level of anonymity it was hard to do so and discern who I might be trapped with. A handful of Humans, a couple Elves and a scattering of the shorter folk all made this refuge our home for the moment.

Some of the braver folk had scouted ahead and reported patrols, Kobolds brandishing crude weapons and a scattering of goblins working a great pit. Nobody could tell what they were mining for which made some more nervous. The air was quiet and lacked any of the telltale markers of mystical pooling common in some caverns.

I disliked a stand-up fight. I was much more inclined to subterfuge and trickery but the circumstances looked worse the longer I sat there. Pulling about me a cloak of Invisibility I set to seeing for myself what these goblins were up to..

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I, Dhamzic

I awoke without much fanfare. The skull around my soundly ringing mind ached like I’d been on a three-day binge again. The looks from my companions in the dim cave gave the impression I wasn’t alone and their feeble groans confirmed it. One of them spoke of Kobolds while I looked to myself. A quick enchantment in the dark ensured none would know too much of me before I was ready to share.

As the pain subsided it came back to me, a fog peeling slowly away revealing truth. Kobolds had attacked a handful of refugees, myself included. Captured for slave labor we were drug through dark maze-like tunnels to a prison of sorts.

Not that any of this had worried me. I’d been in trickier predicaments and I’d yet to find a prison that could hold me for longer than a hand of Kelethin Folly.

..wait.. never heard of Kelethin Folly? Oh, remind me when we can taste fresh sea air again and I’ll show you how.

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