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Tag: Strategic Space Battles

Gratuitous Space Battles

Now, if you read my post on Solar 2 you might suspect I like space games.  GSB is something of a game.  But think of it as a higher-level strategy game.  You assemble fleets, set their orders and details and then let ’em go.  See how the die rolls in a manner of speaking.

It neatly snips out the boring infrastructural development and design, none of the warm-up til you can build your colonizers or those next best lasers.  Each mission grades you on success and how much you cleared it by.  Manage to minimize your cost and claim victory – More points!  Those points translate into additional ship hulls to outfit, different laser types or stronger shields.

Don’t buy through steam unless they’re offering a sweet deal.  This is a game that gives you all but one DLC for $25.

Something I’m appreciating in small-budget games and independent developments is load speed.  And this is one of those games that comes up and goes down quickly, none of this 10 min setup you see in games like Civilization or <shudder> ModNation Racers.

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