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A Steed and an Elf

Telinthos stood there, arms folded, a look of concern on his face.

“How well trained?”

The man, a Sunreaver and Blood Elf considered his words carefully before responding.

“Each Dragonhawk is raised from hatchling meticulously. Only the most docile and manageable creatures are allowed to mature in our liveries. The others are released into the wild. We’ve been breeding them for years to supply the Silvermoon stables and offer an aerial alternative to the Wyvern the Orcs are so fond of.”

This had been going on for the better part of an hour. Telinthos had been distracted into discussion when the vendor offered him a fine flying steed at a distractingly low price. Something the man called ‘Champion Seals’ were offered as part of the reward for service around the Tournament and these could be redeemed for various goods. The Dragonhawk was among those goods for offer.

“And you’ll just let me have one of these for? What? One hundred and fifty of these little tokens” Telinthos held up one of the tokens in question, it’s face covered in the heraldry of the Tournament sponsors, the Argent Crusade.

The vendor nodded. “And you can take one of these fine creatures home today. Each one is battle tested to ensure your safety should you come to arms with foul creatures or members of the Alliance.”

Telinthos handed the man a small pouch. “You’d best be right.” The man handed Telinthos a small whistle in a simple leather cord. “Blow once to summon.”

As he walked outside he wondered whether he’d made a foolish mistake. Alternatively, there was little else at the Tournament that warranted using the tokens. He pulled the whistle from his pocket and blew into it gently. From the air, a simple bird-like cry broke the din of Tournament events happening around him. A serpentine form with wings of feather circled the pavilion twice before coming to rest nearby.

Telinthos approached carefully. Bigger than I expected, he thought. Putting one foot into the stirrup he swung himself into position and grasped the reins.

“Now we see how docile you really are.” he said, spurring the creature into the air.