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Game Dev Story – More fun than it should be

I can’t argue with simple gameplay.  Usually it’s done to achieve accessibility over depth.  This in turn leads to replayability or the 36 hour wonder.  After which you’ve spent your 1-5 dollars and received your dosage of Fun.

Scramble with Friends reached that point with me, but it took time.

Game Dev Story got there a hell of a lot faster.  And I’m still playing, in pursuit of some elusive game awards.

I went from Friday evening to Sunday evening playing this game, in between eating/sleeping/showers.

You play the game from a management perspective, taking on the role of a game development business owner and two employees.  You use these employees to develop games, naturally.  Using training and leveling to unlock new genres, styles or even the opportunity to produce your own console, you build games that are reviewed by an unpleasantly hard to please review board and then off to sell.  The game is generous, all your games sell well.  Some better than others and once a year you get into a Game Awards Ceremony where the hot sellers in various fields of Art, Sound, etc are awarded trophies thus increasing your companies’ fame.

For it’s price I recommend it.  Any more and I might have passed on it and the house of amusement it provided me.

Game Dev Story