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Shadowrun – Hong Kong: The Prelude

Dr Strange, Mayhem Molly and Sam Lee walked to the corner noodle shop “Wang’s Noodle”.  With over a thousand locations worldwide it was hard not to find one no matter where you were.  Rumor had it Zurich Orbital had two, but nobody could or would confirm.

They’d met after a local contact handed a stack of dossiers to one of them and suggested they ‘get a team together’.

2 hours later it was soykaf meetings.  They had some familiarity, they had some experience together.  Dr Strange, a shaman of Cat, was practiced in illusion and making uncomfortable situations.  Mayhem Molly was a razorgirl and general badass.  Sam Lee rounded out the trio as the resident gun-slinging huckster with a curious sense of humor.  Sometime, ask him about his Spanish friend.

And so they ate noodles and chatted quietly to themselves in the cool late-night air of Hong Kong.  That was when the girl showed up.  She needed help and desperately asked for it as six of the Ivory Dragons Triad showed up.  In true Triad fashion, they had bravado and they had numbers.  What they lacked was skill.

The fight wasn’t particularly quick, but it did start with a broken nose and ended with the two survivors running away bleeding and morally broken.  Molly hoisted Sam over her shoulder as Strange grabbed his discarded gun and they retreated to a nearby motel to lick their wounds.  Would the Triad retaliate?  Would the Johnson call then with actual work? Only time will tell.