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Caledon Forest

To call it a forest is to extend the dotted line around your understanding of the term ‘Forest’ and move it back a few leagues.  Caledon is more of a coastal swamp with occasional dry hills crawling with whatever climbed out of the deeps in the Sea of Sorrows.

It was there I met Lithiaria, a mesmer like myself.  She was struggling with grubs the size of a Kryta Hound.  I was looking for something I wasn’t sure about so I stopped briefly to help her.  It didn’t take long for her to request my company while she assisting the various people living in Caledon.  Roughly three days passed while we battled Nightmare Court, giant spiders and Skales.  I was still looking when we took some brief time to camp out at a fort in the middle of the forest and rest briefly.

I met a trader, moving west into Metrica Province, who was able to trade me various items I needed to finish my tailoring project, the Masquerade.  It cost me greatly, but I feel a price worth paying.  We’ll see how the long-term amusement holds me.