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I’ve seen Skritt in many places.

I’m no Durmand Priory researcher so I keep my ramblings to a minimum.  But I’ve begun to think they followed the Asura.  Anywhere I find Asura I’ve also found Skritt.  The number of them vary but the presence is unmistakable.

What confuses me is the varied nature of their hostility.  Some are cutthroat merchants.  Most are aggressively territorial.

I wasn’t terribly surprised then as I crossed the Rootangles and neared Ruins of the Unseen.  The area was rife with Skritt activity as they swarmed out of their burrows and attacked anyone within sight.

When it was done, I was told by a nearby Asura that this happens often as a side effect of his research.  I didn’t inquire on his research, Asuran theology is heavily mixed into their academic teachings and I wasn’t in the mood for another debate on The Eternal Alchemy.