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Far Cry 3

This one will be short so you can get back to your lives quickly.  If you liked Skyrim, the open-world exploration and crafting and villain hunting and questing but were thinking: Gee, if only I had a gun.  Well, then Far Cry 3 might be for you.

Far Cry the first was hailed as a serious performance test on your computer.  It was developed for high-performance computers and low-end systems were wheezing to keep up with it’s vicious needs.  Far Cry 3 isn’t hailed as heavily as such a beast but I’d step into these waters carefully.  Far Cry 3 features an open world island where you’re completing tasks/quests for some local villagers to help fend off the encroaching pirates that have taken up residence.  You’ll harvest plant and animal for ingredients to health kits or grenade pouches, you’ll activate derelict radio towers and other esoteric quest to get access to weapons cheaper.  It’s a quest/adventure game set with modern terms and ideas.  Guns, boats, grenades, etc.

So if you liked Skyrim but wanted guns.  Or if you like the ‘roam and shoot’ options Fallout 3 provided but wanted more color or more gameplay then I think you’ve found your next time-sink.  This is an Ubisoft game and for reasons I won’t go into here I won’t be touching it.  But I will admit it’s right up my alley of shoot and loot and craft.  And it looks fun.