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MMO’s and me: How my next month or two is going to go..

Some time ago I gave up World of Warcraft for a variety of reasons.  The highest on my list was a personal insult of RNG vs You problem of not getting one recipe for a stupid achievement I didn’t need but I sure as hell wanted.

With Guild Wars my interest in subscribed online gaming has moved into Free to Play and I’ll give you money for amusing things I want idealism.  To date I’ve put cash money on starships in STO, locked chests in GW2 and an occasional costume DLC from CoH or DCUO.  Acronyms are probably boggling you at this moment.  I’ll clear them up farther down for your digestion.

I have a range of itches that form gaming habits as the year rotates.  Strategy empire-building games, space combat, superhero, fantasy dungeon marauding and treasure collecting.  My interest shifts and follows a fairly well structured path I’ve failed to note.  Here in the mid-winter I tend to drift a bit.  Poke around and see what’s out there.  For your benefit you’re going to see some posts about various MMORPG’s that are F2P and worthy of my interest.  I’ll talk about some other games too, sure.


DLC – DownLoadable Content (Usually for money.)

F2P – Free to Play (No box cost)

B2P – Buy to Play (Box cost, no subscription)

STO – Star Trek Online

GW2 – Guild Wars 2

CoH – City of Heroes (offline and no longer in service: for the record)

DCUO – DC Universe Online (my fallback Superhero interest approach)