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Werewolf: Verona

I’m a geek of varied feather.  I play games, obviously, more often than I care admit sometimes.  Among my interests are Tabletop RPG’s.  Y’know.. the ones where you sit in a room and roll some plastic dice and drink Mt Dew til dawn rears it’s ugly head.

Friday nights are an open-mic night at my apartment.  Among the regular attendees one of us runs a game until we get bored or we need a break.  For a brief time it was a quiet TV interlude.  For the past few months it’s been Vampire in one capacity or another and very soon it’ll be Werewolf.

My roommate has engineered a diverse social structure for a fictional city set on the East Coast, one where all her games are based leading to a kind of familiarity you don’t often see in RPG’s.  You could talk to her for hours about the people in this city, what they’re up to and who pissed off whom.  Her and I often talk about npc’s in previous games and what we did or didn’t like about them.

Among her and my favorite was Alexi.  We’ll talk about characters later, I have so much space and so much time it’s bound to happen.

Lexicon for the Uninitiated:

Werewolf – Werewolf: The Forsaken (

Vampire – Vampire: The Requiem (

RPG – Role Playing Game

PC – Player Character (participant)

NPC – Non-Player Character (everyone you’re going to talk to, shoot at, talk about, bargain with or otherwise interact with all voiced and operated by the GM)

GM – Game Master (Also the Dungeon Master [DM], Moderator or Storyteller)