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I quested for a night among the snowy tops of the Shiverpeaks, a land I despise for the piercing cold.  I have places I would rather be, but I have a task at hand.

Durmond Priory has a way of poking their nose into business better left for Warriors.  I found many of their encampments dangerously close to Dredge excavations, some of them right in the middle and all of their researchers eager to ask for assistance in securing their lines.  I helped as best I  can but I left them all with the same advice: Move.  I’ve known Dredge to expand excavations aggressively and all I could think of was how many people would die all for the pursuit of ancient knowledge.

I managed to find an aged Dwarven Key what i tucked into my pack.  It’ll come in handy some day, i’m sure.

My contact in the Order of Whispers met me at Spearhaunt Bane, a welcome shelter from the biting wind and the howl of battle at Black Earth Coalmine nearby.  Orders in hand I took shelter among the ruins for the night before returning to my journey.

I woke in the morning to the sounds of battle.  The Dredge had taken offense to the camp so near their mine and were staging an offensive to capture the ruins.  Seeing little chance in fighting off a concentrated force I made my way to the Asuran waypoint and translocated out of Dredgehaunt, leaving the biting wind behind me.