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I should do this more often

Hawken comes along nicely.  An arena shooter featuring you as a large-ish robot.  More action than strategy, a mild amount of real money investment to customize.  I enjoy the idea for 10/15 minutes a day or weekend.  I’m not dedicated for more than that.

I talked a friend into spinning up EVE Online a bit.  So far he likes it and committed to a 3 month run.  EVE provides a sandbox experience that’s immediately deeper than most other games on the market.  There’s so much information to be absorbed you spend your first couple of sessions wrapping your head around some of the concepts.

Meanwhile I got back into Guild Wars 2 right as the recent festival was ending.  I reached out via Reddit to find a guild with active players.  My previous guild, managed by my roommate is sorta dead.  But that happens when you run an exclusive friends/family guild.  I still retain leadership power, as GW2 doesn’t lock you out of guild memberships, but I don’t expect any of the six members to come flocking back anytime soon.

RIFT went Free to Play, my few hours with it have shown me that it’s a solid game with a reliable mechanic.  I don’t find it compelling as it’s more of the same Fantasy MMO I’ve gotten used to, but you might find it more interesting.

Last of Us finally came out and so far it sounds amazing.  I watched the first ten minutes via YouTube on a favored channel of mine.  I got that same anxiety I get when I watch other suspense zombie movies.  Fantastic, if you’re looking for that kind of thing.  I’ll be playing but I’ll surely wait for a bright, sunny weekend.

Meanwhile, Shadowrun Returns, a strategy/rpg of the Shadowrun Genre releases on July 25th.  I’m excited as I’ve been waiting for this since the Kickstarter convinced me to give my token support.  It’s coming with full tools to build your own missions and so I look forward to forum threads on construction and playthrough of various homemade stories.

As always, you can submit personal requests via malformedfork (at) gmail.  I’ll do what I can.