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Elder Scrolls Online

I’m not far into the game so I can’t say much. (That usually means I’ll write two more pages..)

ESO is shaping up to be an interesting venture into the MMO marketplace.  This comes from the same company that made the other Elder Scrolls games with each set in it’s own period of history surrounding an empire.  I ventured into this world with Daggerfall and thoroughly enjoyed it’s deep and rich roleplaying experience.  I skipped Morrowwind unlike many of my friends but I came back for Oblivion and then Skyrim to wander the land and hunt monsters and treasure.

ESO takes the single-player focus from Skyrim another notch, holding onto tropes they built into their past ventures such as a compass marker telling you where the quest objective is, while changing the completely open class-mechanic from Skyrim.  Here like and unlike other games you’ll pick a base class with it’s own abilities and mix with whatever abilities you happen to cross.  Heavy Armor Wizard? Done.  Archer with a dash of magic? Done.  There are limitations but the range of expression is there but there’s little hand-holding when it comes to The Trinity or pursuit.  I’m leaning towards Argonian Sorcerer, or as I call it “Leezard Weezard”, much for my own drive to build a character who can nail down the opposition while someone else cleans them up.

Differing from other games you have to wear or use the powers and abilities and equipment you want to improve in.  Experience rewarding activities improving those items you setup leaving unexperienced in things you never use.  So, while I can pop on some heavy armor and go wade into combat with a greatsword, don’t expect it anytime soon.

I was caught right at start with the beauty and detail layered into the game.  Things for you to loot, crafting materials and the environment is well-blended leaving me often just staring at a room without realizing i’m being attacked.  Bottles and books and food and ingredients for various crafts are just laying around in plain sight.  No sparkle, no magical highlight to draw my attention.

If nothing else this will prove to be a beautiful example of another game in the Elder Scrolls series though I expect so much more out of a chance to join other players like this.  There are group dungeons and regions to explore, conquest to be had and stories to be told.

ESO comes in with a box price and a monthly subscription so while I would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Morrowwind, Oblivion or Skyrim I would do so with some caution.

Stay tuned to my youtube channel for some footage of various characters as I try to zero in on my personal drive in this game.