Regarding the Dangers of Elite

Elite: Dangerous has it’s teeth in me. It’s only into the second of three beta phases and with possibly much more beta to go and yet I want to play. Even though I know it’s all getting wiped out down the road I want to spend my hours drifting in space and hunting wanted criminals or moving cargo.

It’s such a pretty game, one of those games you play in the dark and let the subtle colours of space catch your eye.

I’ll post a video of some space-navigating in early November and possibly after launch. It’s worth watching some videos, everything you see is navigated by hand from someone using a keyboard or controller/joystick. No autopilot, no “click here to orbit” or “press x to dodge”. And it’s better for it. Few other games capture the cockpit sandbox experience quite like this. And better yet, it’s not even done yet. Frontier Developments, the team behind Elite: Dangerous have a litany of ideas that will go into the game well after launch.

I’d love to see some of you in space with me. Contact me and let me know if you’ll be there.

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