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Elite: Dangerous vs Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Oy. This winter is going to be rough. With FFXIV:ARR catching my attention and E:D going into release on December 16 i’m going to be very busy.

You know me and so it should be no surprise that I’m not going into wild detail about FFXIV, but let’s call it “A good hybridization of many ideas” or what a friend of mine calls “What Everquest 2 should have been.”

FFXIV is a standard Theme-Park MMO with fantasy elements. In this arena you have a varied class-system where any character can have all classes. You swap weapons and presto you’re a new class. Many abilities and powers carry over into alternate classes for a mix of powers.

All of this is wrapped in modern graphics and a more deliberate pacing compared to some MMO’s which necessitate mashing keys as fast as you can to pull off rotations and combos akin to arcade fighting games.

If you’re a MMO player, and you know if you are or not, you should give it a look. FFXIV is well done and nicely polished. It’s already replaced WoW as my go-to for raid/dungeon/kill some time killing virtual monsters.

..later I’ll talk about things I like here vs other places. Maybe I’ll post some pictures. We shall see.