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Where did August go?

Mobile gaming.  In my new paradigm for gaming, I’ve allowed mobile games to have some of my money.  So I’ve been through Puzzles and Dragons, Fallout Shelter, a very sparing amount of Alphabear and most recently Dragonvale and Crusader’s Quest.

PAD is among my favorites for it’s puzzles.  It gives you a collection system for gathering various monsters, doesn’t require any cash investment and the gameplay is among the best features.  At once “Bejeweled” but with adventure elements and your turns aren’t timed so you’re working to make awesome combos.  Limited Time events, a calendar rotation of special dungeons and a normal progression that will keep you challenged for months, PAD ranks as #1 on my “got time to kill on your commute” list.

Also, if you’re the research intensive gamer as I am, here are two sites that can help you get a grasp on what you’re looking at.

Puzzle and Dragons database


In fact, here is my updated PADherder page, a wall of trophies if you will.

PAD on Google Play

PAD on iTunes

Crusader’s Quest is my newest addiction.  Gameplay so reminiscent of old Super Nintendo style that I’ve found it wholly distracting.  Coupled with minimalist gameplay, its easy to pick up for a single area and then put it down again while you stand in line or wait for the bus.

on Google

on iTunes

That’s it for today.  I picked up Battlefield 4 recently, Premium Edition is on sale at roughly 20 bucks.  Some of my other friends are playing, notably Katie of and we team up for hijinx and mayhem as occasion allows.

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  1. Katie Plays
    Katie Plays September 13, 2015

    PAD is pretty awesome! I picked up Crusader’s Quest and played it a little, but my newest favorite game is Dungeon Boss. I’m not sure if it’s available for Android but if it is you should check it out 🙂

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