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A song among stars

Vigilant Bard on course to Black Hide.

After several days scouring for materials and salvage on the Luminous Vim I’m back to the ‘Bard. Too many cargo runs for Li-Yong-Rui have left me wanting for something nimble and quick. Now, I understand the irony in referring to the Python as nimble or quick but it’s an improvement over the lumbering maneuvers of the Anaconda.

I’m ever wary for pursuers. It’s been weeks since my usual suspects have interfered with me. And actively sporting the social flags for Li have put me on alert. And yet nothing. Hundreds of units of flyers and industrial equipment have left me somewhat bored. All told, the most exciting thing to happen was a mild overheat while scooping a star coming back from a wreckage site.

Worrisome to say the least.

Thargoid attacks have pushed deeper in human systems. Deciat was hit and support is flowing in to bring her back into working order. Meanwhile wanderlust has found a team who’s beginning another jaunt into the far corners of our galaxy. So it looks like business as usual. I like that, the sense of normalcy is appreciated.