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I, Dhamzic

I awoke without much fanfare. The skull around my soundly ringing mind ached like I’d been on a three-day binge again. The looks from my companions in the dim cave gave the impression I wasn’t alone and their feeble groans confirmed it. One of them spoke of Kobolds while I looked to myself. A quick enchantment in the dark ensured none would know too much of me before I was ready to share.

As the pain subsided it came back to me, a fog peeling slowly away revealing truth. Kobolds had attacked a handful of refugees, myself included. Captured for slave labor we were drug through dark maze-like tunnels to a prison of sorts.

Not that any of this had worried me. I’d been in trickier predicaments and I’d yet to find a prison that could hold me for longer than a hand of Kelethin Folly.

..wait.. never heard of Kelethin Folly? Oh, remind me when we can taste fresh sea air again and I’ll show you how.