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Category: Vestolo

I am Vestolo, a human Mesmer from Divinity’s Reach.

My greatest regret is never having a chance to join the Circus. I got past it and eventually I got in but that’s a story for later.

In these pages you’ll read of my adventures and travels. I hope you enjoy yourself while I regale you with my stories.

Personal Journal

I had the dream again.. I was standing in a desert, sand as white as snow and sparkling under the noonday sun.  My mouth parched from thirst, my feet sore from walking, my mind tired from the journey.

In the distance I could see a city who’s name I knew not.  Surely, this was the Crystal Desert yet no cities were known within it’s depths.

And it ends as quickly as it begins but I’m left with a terrible thirst each time.

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First Steps

They say your first steps are important.  They mark the beginning of a journey, the direction of your travel and the weight of your interest.  I took about a thousand of those first steps today.  Shaemoor village was under attack by centaur.  Hooved feet trampeled the fields while houses burned.  It was all the guard could do to keep the innocent from being slaughtered.

I did what I could, ushering people to the inn for shelter.

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What came before

I started my humble beginnings as a common boy, orphaned before I could remember.  The orphanage confining, I found myself time and again at the feet of a dashing illusionist who instructed me in the ways of the mesmerism.

When I came of age and was allowed freedom from the orphanage I found camaraderie with the tavern keeper Andrew, his daughter Petra.

It wasn’t long and within a year I found myself wondering about the outside world.  With little coin I left Divinity’s Reach and took my first steps into the world.  Luck would have it, I didn’t get far before my first ‘adventure’.

More on that later..

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