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Month: December 2009

..and again

Waking up in the Exodar was a strange experience. Being underground, but unlike the Undercity. The ceilings were high, the chambers well-lit. Very little of the surroundings were unfamiliar and yet comforting.

Guards greeted him as one of their own, shopkeeps sold their goods unaware of the truth.

Even this person didn’t fully remember. A necessary precaution in the spellcraft, to prevent prying minds from unraveling his secrets. Another five years under the guise before Silvermoon would ever be called home.

Five years as Draenei.

As he sat down in the nearest Inn, opting to drown his confusion in several pints of the strongest drink, he encountered a sharp pinching pain.

Yes. The tail would take some getting used to.

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And Back Again

He had met her in the Frozen North. They had traveled the tundras, plundered tombs and slaughtered fel creatures great and small.

It was when the mage spoke, that he spoke to them both. The enchantment would be more than polymorph and something less than illusion. They would journey together, witness changes in the Alliance. A coming storm was rumored, changes in the world, and the Silvermoon council wanted news. It was willing to risk dearly and pay heavily for it’s intel.

And so, geared and prepped, Telinthos and Savandra met a small cadre of mages deep in Eversong Woods, far from prying eyes. In those woods they stood in a circle of dust and energies, bathed in the transition.

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Telinthos gazed over the encampment. Vendors hawked their wares, combatants adjusted their armors and checked weapons, anticipation gleaming in their eye. He reached to his side, to an impossible small set of pouches and pulled a small roll. With a flick, that roll was cast into the air unfurling and expanding.

Telinthos leapt into the air and landed on the carpet. It’s tassels glinting with energies and fine embroidery. In a moment he was off, wisked over the Stormpeaks and down the mountainsides to Zul’Drak.

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