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Month: January 2010

I flew into the encampment with a hint of unease. I had and had not been there before ever. My old life behind me like a morning fog, I landed my carpet and took to foot before the Argent Pavilion.

“Name?” a guard asked, as he eyed me suspiciously.

“Uurem Antaridos, of Exodar.” I recounted, strange sounding to me yet impulsive and as natural as walking or breathing.

The Pavilion wasn’t anything special. A collection of supplies in crate flanked the main entrance, a notary and commander before me with pews to my right and yet more supplies to the left.

The commander, wrinkles creased her face, sighed heavily before looking up. “And you are?”

And again I repeated by impulse more than control. “Uurem of Exodar” The notary took this information into his ledger, many pages in and well worn from travel. “Mage?” she said, her gaze passing over the fine cloth I called armor and a blade that spoke volumes to my journeys and abilities. I nodded.

“Report to the Silver Covenant on the other side of the grounds.” and she turned back to some report she had been examining moments before.

The air back outside was cool. I hadn’t noticed immediately, but Icecrown was one of those places you bundle up tighter than others, where the wind comes in off the sea and lashes at you, biting your ears and lips.

I trod along the encampment, making note of vendors hawking refreshments, a central coliseum housing a mighty tournament by the sounds of the roaring crowd. The steps before the Silver Covenants tent was flanked by mounts tethered. Nightsaber, Elekk, Horse and Ram all tied to their post awaiting master to return.

Everything seemed familiar and yet new. Like visiting a village after many years growth, seeing faces after a long vacation.

The arrangement inside was spacious. A large central area for prospective members to gather, accept tasks and hold audience and separate berths for a representative of each city to gather. Notable in it’s strangeness was the Gnomish representative for Gnomeregan, which I’d come to understand was under siege and in ruin.

I spoke briefly with Colosos, of Exodar, to introduce myself and gauge his reaction to my perceived origins. He merely nodded and wished me luck in my aspiration before beckoning me to speak with the orator in the center of the tent.

Another bureaucrat who took my name, only this one then issued me tasks to complete before I should return.

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