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Munitions, the Media and Myth

The three M’s of my weekly “Oh, seriously!?” whining.  I primarily recognize it in vampire shows where the antagonist is carrying that special shotgun loaded with fire, or the heroine dual wields guns like a trained pro.

I happened upon a YouTube channel that gives you some demonstration of various weapons.  The commentator, often seen in a “Professional Russian” t-shirt will often take a moment to show you just how little recoil there is.  On some of those guns, i’m shocked.  The Ulti-Max v3 is a serious piece of hardware and yet you can watch him use it one handed here:

And of course, the AA-12 Automatic Shotgun, dual wielded here:


Normally, I’d have listed Dragons Breath, or any other special ‘anti-vampire’ round in the logs of “Shit that don’t exist, Son.”  But after watching one of FPS Russia’s videos, I’m seeing a subtle truth that I had failed to account for.

Now I need to apologize to some of my players for adjudications I’d made.