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Into the Darkness: A Minecraft commentary

I’m an adventurer at heart.  A seeker of hidden glories, of lost temples.  And so I plundered the depths not once, not twice but seven or eight times since picking up Minecraft a year ago.  I’m not a builder, but I respect their ilk.  I’m not a designer, but I salute them.  I’m a searcher, a finder and explorer.  When what’s beneath the surface loses my interest, I rove the lands seeking new inlets to the subterranean wonders.

Minecraft is a simple game of block’s, crafting and mining.  A game made more enjoyable when you play with others.

And so it happened, on Thursday evening as I fired up MC for a little dig and build.  My gf’s brother asked about it and seemed interested and so I let him have it.  Guiding his hand and instructing him on the tenets of Minecraft.

1) Never dig straight up

2) Never dig straight down

While this is happening something changed in my gf.  Once of the “Trees don’t fall, that’s stupid, I’ll never play” faction, she defected to “I wanna play too” team and soon joined us as we all three sat around playing MC for several hours.  It didn’t take long for me to find the server code and start a multiplayer game.

And so our first night was spent running from monsters and waiting for the morning.  The second night was much more productive.

In this experience I learned two important rules.

1) All things are more fun with people.

2) Creepers still suck.

And with that I leave you to ponder my words and perhaps explore a little mining of your own.