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Shadowrun – The Cargo Ship

Free Tibet was a cargo ship heading for Hong Kong out of Seattle.  Dr Strange, Shark and Mayhem Molly had agreed to intercept this ship, free it of some pirates that had crawled aboard and dispose of some sensitive cargo while they were at it.

Getting there was easy, apparently 2072 boating technology isn’t outside the realm of ‘push buttons until it works’.  Molly had the motor running as Shark was halfway through instructing her in ignition unlock process.  Two hours later they were trawling leisurely towards the ship, hoping to avoid detection when the sensors aboard the Free Tibet detected them.  As a largely automated vessel, the smart agent running the systems greeted an approaching vessel on a collision course the only way it knew how.  Fog Horn >> Full Volume

Their stealthy approach shattered, the team boarded to discover a ghostship.  Such is the nature of late 21st century boating.  Not even a skeleton crew to greet them.  Eerily quiet, they stole to the bridge where some elves and a surfer were partying.

Cool as ice and without a care in the world Molly sauntered into the room with a curt but polite “sup” and used the intel given by Johnson to find the container they were looking for.

A cursory examination on the transportability of the cargo resulted in a return trip to the bridge.  As they approached the entry hatch on the main deck the surfer of prior note dove overboard apparently having overstayed his welcome as Knight Errant announced their intention to investigate the vessel.

The ensuing fight was over before it began and our triumphant team cleared the cargo, jumped ship and made for Hong Kong for their payout.