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Closing Thoughts, 2012

You might be asking: What? Closing Thoughts? In Mid-November?

Ladies and Gentlemen.  Yes, i’m speaking to all six of you, my amused fanbase.  I close out my tabletop gaming in late November, ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday and free myself and my players from the frustration of trying to schedule their weekly gaming excursion.  I don’t pick it back up until January giving myself some time to plot and consider.

I’m closing out one game this season, Shadowrun comes to a close tonight or next monday.  Either they die, or they escape.  Next year is already shaping up to be a busy run.  I’ve got calls for Werewolf, Shadowrun should pick up in January on schedule and I’ve got some piqued interest for Pathfinder.  All games I’d run.  The tricky part is I can’t usually run more than two games without canning one of them.  Something in me feels like I can do this.

I don’t subscribe to many of the AAA titles that come out of the video-gaming cycles.  I’m not playing Assassin’s Creed though I’ve heard it’s good.  If you like the sneaking and stabbing style then I can’t imagine you’ll be left wanting with another bout of the ‘Creed.  Unconsciously my brain keeps trying to call it Asheron’s Call.  I played Asheron’s Call 2 back in that brief window they kept the servers up.  I liked it alot and would have played it a lot longer save that unfortunate cutoff.  I’d tell you about it’s wonders but it’s been so long I barely remember any of the details.  I remember you could /play an instrument you’d pull out of thin air and if others joined you it would form an orchestra of sorts.

I bought into a new Gameboy DS XL.  Hell, this thing is huge.  My brain is dancing around the idea that I made a mistake in getting one so big.  I’m playing Pokemon Black and later I’ll play Black 2.  That’s all I ever do with my Gameboy as that’s why I get them.  Pokemon is, as it’s ever been, a game about collecting creatures and putting them to battle.  Pokemon is classically a kids game, but there are complicated breeding aspects that I can’t see making sense to a six-year old.  I’m a collector at heart and Pokemon is a nearly perfect fit.

I’m going to be looking into Machinima and what they offer to YouTube broadcasters.  See if I could make something out of recording playthroughs.  If that were the case, you’d likely see more writing and more games.

2012, you were awesome.  You’ll see more of me but for the time I’m waiting for Star Command, Wasteland 2 and Planetary Annihilation.