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Four Days of Mild Hell

I was sick.  Like: Sinus pressure so bad I can’t sleep til 2am when fatigue takes hold and I spend the day numbly blowing my nose and largely oblivious to what’s going on around me.

And of course the obnoxious pain was just enough that I spent four days parked in front of my computer.  Mental note, Chlorox the keyboard when I get home.  Did I check my email? No.  Did I answer my phone? No.  Did I post to Facebook? No.  What did I do then? Guild Wars 2.  Something like 40+ hours in four days.

Highlights from the memory reel.  Warning, this is in no particular order or by any means complete.

Made 10g

Spent 11g

Cleared 7 dungeon wings

Cleared Arah Story mode

Cleared Twilight Arbor Story mode

Started leveling a warrior

Started leveling an elementalist

Deleted elementalist

Made decision to reroll warrior with different color skin

Made five bags

Remarked at how I now have 104 item slots on my mesmer

Decided to play more of my mesmer after 40-odd hours of my guardian

Completed exploring Orr

Found an Exotic

Found some rares

Sold all of them

Took part in the weekend Lost Shores event

Promptly got bored of the Weekend event and went back to regular questing.

Met an awesome friend

FB’d awesome friend

Made myself semi-famous with “Dungeon 101”

Dungeon 101: Don’t Stand in It, Don’t Stand in Front, Try not to Suck

Nearly rolled a second guardian what cause I like them so much more than Warrior.

Finally found a staff I can stand looking at for long periods of time.

Got an exotic sword for my guardian what glows blue at night.

Finally learned how to tell time in Guild Wars 2.

With that being said, I was rather sick.  What would I have done instead? Played a crapload of Pokemon.  On account of some technical hurdles I restarted my game.  I wasn’t far in.  But when I really wanted to play Pokemon I couldn’t focus on fine details or long-range strategies.  Yes, we’re still talking about Pokemon.

I’m feeling better now and hope to have better focus on what I’m doing for the next while.


Edit: I’ve added a new category, MMORPG.  Now you can filter based on even more criteria and largely avoid my Guild Wars 2 rambling.