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My god… so many games that I’ve put money into or want to put money into.

Elite: Dangerous sounds delicious.  I played Elite briefly when I was a but a small child with many dreams and little understanding.  I didn’t get into heavily as I just had no idea what was happening.  20 odd years later and I’m deeply excited to see this happen.  I’ve always remembered it as a complex game about space and trading.  Was I right? No clue, I’ve never gone back.  But I always look forward to a rebuild that looks great.

Legend of Dungeon I put money into, i’m a sucker for quality rpg dungeonish games.  I played the demo briefly and I can see a quality here that will be fantastic once it’s farther along.  If you remember Gauntlet, Castle Crashers, TMNT: Turtles in Time or some of the other early 90’s games you’ll understand the controls easily enough and perhaps even enjoy the approach.

Wastelands 2 is on my radar.  I gave them what it took to get a copy when it launches and I expect to be talking more come next summer.  I’m not normally into post-apocalypse games.  The time after The End is often boring, brown and full of zombie-mutants as though someone forgot to have ideas when building their game.  Wasteland hit many radars forever ago and I decided they had a quality idea after watching the introduction video on Kickstarter.

Numenera is probably not on your radar as much as mine.  My first love was Tabletop RPG’s and it’ll always be a love I come back to.  Monte Cook has been in the industry for nigh unto forever and his other projects I’ve enjoyed.  Numenera stands as an RPG approach to a world that’s seen many civilizations that came and went.  The ninth is the current one you play in, a realm of mystery as the previous civilizations projects or experiments still roam the world.  Also scheduled for sometime next summer.

Planet Annihilation is the last for now.  Real-Time Strategy games were frequent among my rommmates as the easy option for 3/4 person multiplayer.  We played them a lot and we played most of them.  PA looks to take the idea up a notch.  Why settle for smiting a bulding when you can drop a moon and obliterate a planet?  I was so tickled with excitement I barely remember giving them money.  But I’m getting emails about it so clearly I gave them something.