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On Vampire and under-used abilities

I’ve crossed it on occasion as a frequent argument.  Powers that nobody takes or uses, GM’s that argue it’s usefulness.

I fight back, I like to believe there are no choices bad in a tabletop RPG, merely varying in situational relevance.  Such was the discussion last night about having Animalism (the ability to speak and command animals as a Vampire) in a game set in the run-down un-recovered fragmented New Orleans mock-up we’re using.  I’ve wedged my foot into that door as I do with many GM’s, start small establish an idea and then remind them that this idea is workable.  That this idea would be well used here and there.

And there I was.. sitting in a worn-down ward of the city trying to make sense of some semi random murders and wishing I had more accurate information to move on.  “This is where Animalism would be good.” referencing an earlier argument on the usefulness of said powers.  The GM in question has come to an accord on the idea.  So I have at least that much victory.