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My Bell Rang: Addendum, part 1

I played Path of Exile, I didn’t like it.  The skill system certainly tries to lull me back in.  But when I play a single player game, I like the feeling of isolation.  That feeling is broken when your Internet-required game takes me from the isolated wilderness to a town crawling with other players.  Where were these people five minutes ago?

So I gave PoE my 20 minutes, I killed some zombies and plundered some loot.  And I promptly went back to Torchlight 2.

Sometime in April we’ll talk about Monaco, I’m feeling my first playthrough will be a social event.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the negativity to die down on SimCity’s newest release.  I’ve done my best to distract myself and avoid any of the serious blogs and commentaries.  Yes, people are upset. But these are largely the same entitled fools who think we can keep PC Gaming on the local client forever.  News Flash, you can’t.